Dr. Tara has a passion for caring pregnant women. Did you know that Infant health starts from pre-conception choices as well as the choices made during pregnancy? Women under regular chiropractic care experience better pregnancies with fewer health issues and enjoy faster, easier births.

Dr. Tara has taken many courses around the country to ensure she has the best “tools” to care for pregnant women and the pediatric population. Additionally, Dr. Tara is certified in the Webster Technique. Webster technique is used to aid in balancing the pelvis. When the pelvis is balanced, it reduces the stress to the round ligaments that support the uterus which will allow the baby to be in the best possible position for delivery.

Chiropractic aids in relieving many common prenatal symptoms such as;

  • Pelvic and Pubic symphysis pain
  • Low Back Pain
  • Headaches
  • Neck and upper back pain

In addition to chiropractic adjustments, our prenatal patients will be given exercises to aid in holding adjustments between visits as well as nutritional advice and supplemental recommendations for a holistic support of each pregnancy.

Prenatal care is safe, effective, and unique to each individual that arrives at our office. We are able to care for prenatal patients comfortably with our special table and pregnancy cushion for comfort.